Barry James

1988 ~ 1991,2000年4月~ 2001年3月,2005年6月~2006 – 伦敦-Thénardier
2003年12月~2004年3月 -丹麦国家巡演-Thénardier

Thénardier -悲惨世界完整交响版(Les Misérables Complete Symphonic Recording)

Herod- Jesus Christ Superstar(《耶稣基督万世巨星》)
Beadle Bamford - Sweeney Todd(《理发师陶德》)
Seymour - The Little Shop of Horrors (《恐怖小店》)
Mr Bumble - Oliver!(《奥利弗!》)
Cogsworth - Beauty and the Beast(《美女与野兽》)- 1997 年~ 1999年
Amos Hart - Chicago (《芝加哥》)-2001年3月19日~2001年10月6日

The Merchant of Venice (《威尼斯商人》)- National Theatre
A Woman Killed With Kindness -National Theatre
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead(《罗森格兰兹与吉尔敦斯登已死》)-National Theatre
Sancho Panza (《桑丘·潘沙》)-West End
Billy - West End
Murphy - Windy City -West End
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (《论坛路上乐事多》)-纽约皇家剧院(Theatre Royal, York)
Take Eight世界首演-曼彻斯特Royal Exchange
The Rivals -National Theatre
Love for Love -National Theatre
The Threepenny Opera (《三便士歌剧》)-National Theatre
The American Clock -National Theatre
Mendel - March of the Falsettos -Albery
Otto Kringelein - Grand Hotel (《大饭店》)-Dominion
Love Off the Shelf - 南安普顿Nuffield Theatre
Closer Than Ever欧洲首演 -曼彻斯特Library Theatre
The Baker- Into the Woods (《拜访森林》)-曼彻斯特Library Theatre,
Salad Days -英国巡演
Ladislav Sipos - She Loves Me -Savoy
Cogsworth - Beauty and the Beast(《美女与野兽》)-英国巡演-2001年11月2日~2003年4月26日

Race to Space (2001) - Guard #1
“Stingers” - Reporter (1 episode, 2001)
Final Voyage (1999) - Mike Strakowski
Restraining Order (1999) - Scott
The Last of the Ryans (1997) (TV) - Foreman
Halifax f.p: Isn’t It Romantic (1997) (TV) - Specialist
Further Up Pompeii (1991) (TV) -- Claudius
Stage by Stage: Les Misérables (1988) - Thenardier
Porridge (1979) - Delilah
“Thriller”  Tom Whidden (1 episode, 1974)
The Merchant of Venice (1973) (TV) - Salerio
The Dance of Death (1969) …. Sentry

Herod -Jesus Christ Superstar Concert(《耶稣基督万世巨星》演唱会) -Portchester Castle, Fareham- 2004年7月11日

My Fair Lady《窈窕淑女》
Ladislav Sipos - She Loves Me伦敦重排版 (1994)
Renfeld - Nosferatu the Vampire (1995)
Leonato- Much Ado (1996)
Cogsworth -the Original London Cast recording of Beauty and the Beast-(《美女与野兽》伦敦首演录音) (1997)
Centre Stage(个人专辑) (2003)



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